Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

pave engagement ringsWell, if you’re thinking about buying a platinum engagement ring, understand that you also have to look out for the quality of engagement ring platinum that you’re about to buy.

What that means is you should find platinum jewelry, including platinum engagement rings for women, that are tagged with ’900Pt,’ ‘Plat.,’ or ’950 Plat’ labels.

Those particular labels indicate what’s known as platinum content. Platinum content refers to the amount of pure platinum that’s used in jewelry, typically denominated in ‘parts per thousand.’

If you want to know what are the ‘purest’ platinum jewelry pieces on the market, platinum jewelry that contains at least 950 parts to each thousand of pure platinum are typically marked as ‘Plat.’ or ‘Pt,’ denoting that the platinum used there is as close to pure platinum as it can get.

You see, platinum is often alloyed with other heavy metals like iridium, rhodium, palladium and osmium, so not all platinum mixes will be completely pure. Usually, purer forms of platinum will cost a little more than platinum with a larger mix of other metals.

Platinum is also considered a hypoallergenic metal, meaning that it’s pretty much safe for people who may have allergic reactions to certain metals to wear. It’s also pretty resistant to any kind of tarnish, too.

So, I now know a lot more about what platinum to look out for.

But, what type of engagement rings or platinum ring should I buy? Is there a particular style I should look out for?

When it comes to buying platinum engagement rings, you’re pretty much not limited to any one style on the market. There are so many different styles of platinum engagement rings on the market that you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one!

What you can do, however, is look for the style that you know will suit your special someone the best… and that involves browsing the many styles featured in fine jewelry establishments everywhere.

Of course, you do have to worry about the gemstone, too. After all, most precious stones end up being the ring’s centerpiece in most platinum engagement ring settings.

Since the ring will likely have a platinum band and setting, it’s best to get platinum ring settings that can easily meld perfectly well together with the gemstone, making the gemstone look brilliant and the band even more beautiful than it already is!