Tungsten Wedding Rings Can Now Be White? Really?

couple proposingFor a few years now, tungsten wedding rings have been pretty popular. However, one drawback is that a tungsten wedding ring was usually a dark grey or blackish color.

Well not any more.

Tungsten wedding ring manufacturer Triton announces that they have developed a white tungsten wedding ring. So instead of relying on platinum, palladium or white gold (white isn’t really naturally white) for your white-colored wedding ring, Triton gives you another option. There are also white ceramic wedding rings, but to me they look a lot like Gramma’s kitchen sink.

Other issues with tungsten wedding rings are that they can not be sized, and can shatter under the right conditions as well. Personally, while I think white tungsten wedding rings will sell fairly well, there’s nothing like a platinum or palladium precious metal ring if you want one that is white – and I mean naturally white and has intrinsic value.

Over at WeddingByColor.com, there is a pretty interesting titanium vs. tungsten wedding rings comparison. And in the blog post, the author compares the following characteristics of each metal:

Hardness – Which metal has the best hardness? Tungsten is harder, but can still break under extreme circumstances. Here is a video that illustrates how precious metals can bend, but a tungsten ring can shatter – Wedding Rings Get Hammered.

Ductility – In other words, which metal can be deformed without fracturing? If you hit it hard enough, titanium will bend. If you hit tungsten just right, it will break.

Hypoallergenic – Tungsten wedding rings contain some cobalt, which some people have an allergic reaction to.

Weight – Titanium wedding rings weigh less than tungsten wedding rings.

Coloring – If you want your wedding ring to be a funky color, then there is more flexibility with titanium, Tungsten wedding rings are generally grey or blackish unless combined with another metal for a two-tone look.

Pricing – Titanium is generally less expensive. However, the price of tungsten wedding rings has come down quite a bit lately. Take a look at tungsten wedding rings on Amazon.com.

Engraving and resizing – The author states that titanium wedding rings can be engraved and resized. However, after ten years in the jewelry industry, I have yet to come across a sizable titanium wedding ring. If this has recently changed – cool! As far as I know, Tungsten wedding rings cannot be sized .